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Watch these WP Easy Pages Tutorials

Adding a New Page
This tutorial will cover the basics of getting started by adding a new page and introducing the modules that form the building blocks of your page.

Page Styling
This tutorial covers planning your page design and using the page styling to get your pages looking right.

Page Editor
This tutorial covers the page editor and will show you how to drag modules onto your page, style them and get your pages to look how you want them to.

Quick Start- Building a lead page
This quick tutorial will take you through how to put together a simple lead page.

Exporting and Importing
This tutorial covers the advanced topic of exporting and importing your easy pages.

Using the included templates
This short tutorial video will show you how to use the templates that come included in WP Easy Pages

How to make WP Easy Page the home page
This short tutorial video will show you how to make a WP Easy Pages Page the homepage of your site.